Meme420 Blunt Paper

Meme420 is a unique fusion of the exciting world of Crypto Memes and the carefree vibes of Jamaica. Our team will be fully doxed and committed to delivering on our promises. Join us on this thrilling journey and experience the best of both worlds.

Meme420 Blunt Paper


Hey there, fellow adventurers and crypto-cannabis enthusiasts! Welcome to the MEME_420 Official Whitepaper, the epic journey that's destined to become the most exciting project you've ever seen. Imagine a world where crypto and weed lovers come together to create something truly remarkable. That's MEME_420! Every Friday at 4:20 pm UTC, we light up the skies with our live supply-burning events, like fireworks for your wallet. Our team, filled with passionate souls, is committed to bringing you epic profits through our unique tokenomics.

Project Overview:

MEME_420 isn't just a project; it's an epic adventure designed to turn ordinary folks into legends.


-Total Supply: 200 million tokens
-BURN: 50.4 million tokens
-Staking: 40 million tokens (staking, soaring, and savoring success)
-Listings: 61.2 million tokens
-Reserves: 20 million tokens (protecting our treasure)
-Seed Bank: 8.4 million tokens
-Marketing+Rewards: 20 million tokens

Our ground-breaking burn mechanism ensures that your investment thrives.

Security Measures:

-Our wallets are like a fortress, protected by multi-signature security.
-Decentralized Exchanges (DEX):
-MEME_420 was born on Pancake Swap, where the crypto magic happens. Get your tokens through our official link in the Telegram "Adventurer's Hub."
-Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs):
-Be part of history with our limited edition of 420 legendary NFTs.
-Centralized Exchange (CEX):
-We won't pay for the spotlight; let them list us for free because legends shine on their own.
-Staking and Governance:
-We've set aside 40 million tokens for staking rewards, and you can count on regular video AMAs to keep the adventure alive.
-Merchandise Store
-We will Launch our own merchandise line , where you will be able to purchase all sorts of products using our cryptocurrency MEME_420.


The roadmap is our treasure map, guiding us through epic milestones.

The Adventurous Team (aka Heroes of MEME_420)
Meet the heroes behind MEME_420, a team of passionate individuals:


Legal & Compliance Framework:

MEME_420 is a model of compliance and ethics, leading the way for responsible innovation.

Conclusion (aka The Epic Quest Continues):

In conclusion, the MEME_420 Official Whitepaper is your guide to the most epic adventure in the crypto world. We're not just about profits; we're about creating legends. Expect excellence, transparency, and security as we embark on this epic quest.

References and Resources (aka The Adventure Map):

For more insights and inspiration, delve into the references and resources section. The journey is just beginning, and it's going to be legendary!

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