Welcome to Meme420

Experience the best of both worlds with Meme420. Our energetic yet chilled back project aims to deliver on all promises. Join us for a fun and exciting journey in the world of fast-paced Crypto Meme projects and the laid-back and happy lifestyle of Jamaica.

Seedling Phase

Bloom Phase

Flowering Phase

Meme420 Organic Grow Phases

- Stealth Launch
- PanCakeSwap
- Create Socials
- 500 Organic
- Community Members
- Coin Market Cap
- CoinGecko
- CBD Marketing
- X Trending

- Team Dox
- Community
- Partnerships
- 1000+ Holders
- 2nd Listing
- 420 NFT's (1st Pack)
- Audit
- Staking Platform
- Indica Marketing
- Start Website build for Flowering Phase

- Online Merch Store
- 3rd Listing
- NFT Platform
- 420 NFT's (2nd Pack)
- Partnerships
- Competitions & Give
- Cannabis company
- Sativa Marketing

- Bigger Partnerships
- Seed/equipment Shop
- Cannabis product
- 420 Gaming
- AAA Grade Marketing
- Community Joint Meet
- Surprise.......

Curing Phase

M420 Mission

Our mission at Meme420 is to bring together the worlds of fun and innovation. We strive to create a platform that not only entertains but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the Crypto Meme space. Join us on this exciting journey!

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